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Funds raised from the 2018 ride were used to purchase two therapeutic tricycles for kids who have outgrown their current therapeutic tricycles and to provide funds to promote cycling education.

The mission of Chisholm Trail Bike Ride is to provide support for the Newton Cycling Initiative as a joint venture of AirCapital AMBUCS, Healthy Harvey Coalition, and Walk & Roll Harvey. Proceeds from the bike ride provide replacement of therapeutic tricycles for the kids who have outgrown their present therapeutic tricycles and provide safe cycling education.

The Chisholm Trail Bike Ride is a family friendly event that featured four courses in 2019:

From the Start in Athletic Park riders had a choice of 54, 44 or 31 miles that come
together near the end at the Sand Creek Trail at 12 th Street in Newton, proceeding down to the Finish Line in Athletic Park. There was also a short Out and Back — riders go as far as they wanted — north along the Sand Creek Bike/Walk Path (3 miles long).

Funds raised from the 2017 ride were used to purchase a therapeutic tricycle for an adult male unable to ride a regular bicycle and to help fund projects in North Newton’s new Master Bicycle Plan.

Funds raised from previous rides were used to purchase signage that were posted around the community to promote safe cycling.  Signs posted through out Harvey County inform drivers about the 3 feet safety distance when passing cyclists. 

We hope you will frequent this site and join with others participating in the Chisholm Trail Bike Ride. By doing so, you can both enjoy the sport you love and help promote wellness and safety within our community.

Thank you for your support and ride safe!

Safety First

Promoting Safe Cycling in Our Communities

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We hosted a Glow Ride, where families lit their bikes with glow sticks and rode a 3-mile loop around Sedgwick. We spent about $400 on four new bikes, which were raffled prior to the ride. The remainder of funds were used to purchase bike helmets and accessories which were distributed during a bike rodeo at the Sedgwick Fall Festival.

Rebekah Morse, Sedgwick

Riding a bicycle, itself, is a worthwhile effort. To ride properly and safely benefits one’s mind and body. The Chisholm Trail Bike Ride adds more benefit beyond what I mentioned. For one, it adds camaraderie. Usually I ride with some friends, but even when that is not possible, I find many persons ready to talk about cycling or any other topic. Second, and most important, it benefits others by raising funds to help those who may be less fortunate.

Tom Adrian

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